Electro Fusion

No. The Hazen Williams C factor of 155 was determined with pipe that was fused together and thus contained inner fusion beads.

  1. The butt fusion machine used shall certified to ISO12176-1by a recognized certification body (e.g: SIRIM, DVT, Wrc).
  2. A valid service and calibration record (min. once/ year)
  3. Capable of performing the task it is designed for, i.e. machine sizes against pipe size, correct jointing parameters must be programmed etc.
  4. Equipment should allow a printout of weld parameters and joint history for traceability.

  1. Welders must hold appropriate certificates recognised by the relevant Water Authority or training party. This is evidence that appropriate training has been carried out, and they are capable of welding correctly.

Recommended minimum mandatory ancillary equipment are required to ensure a quality butt fusion connection.
  • Shelters.
  • Pipe support rollers.
  • Indelible marker pens.
  • Ground sheets or base boards.
  • Clean cloths to wipe the pipes before trimming.
  • Spirit Level to ensure machine is level.
  • Bead size measurement tool.

The following requirement shall be meet for a quality joint.
  • Bead Appearance.
  • No dirt contamination.
  • The gap.
  • Displacement.
  • Bead Width.