All our high-quality systems are made as reliable and long-lasting as possible, but the standard of the installation will define their actual performances. ‌ ‌ ‌
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‌It is, therefore, vital to implement appropriate safety, health, and standard practices while handling, storing, and installing our systems. Improper handling and installation at the site may cause leakage, damage, or even risk to the installers or users.


Polyware offers short training courses to enhance attendees' skills and knowledge of our pipe systems. Please get in touch with us for more details.


Polyware collaborates with industry players, government-linked companies, and non-government bodies to share insights and upskill their staff and communities, improving safety standards and economic benefits through seminars and workshops.

We also facilitate virtual workshops to suit this group of participants who cannot join us physically. We welcome existing, new clients or individuals interested in contacting us.


Penguin Smart Series Installation

Polyfuse Butt Fusion Installation

Polyfuse Socket Fusion Installation

Penguin Clamp Saddle & Ferrule Installation

Polyfuse Electro Fusion Tapping Saddle Installation