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Tapping Saddle

Polyfuse Electrofusion Tapping Saddle

Electrofusion tapping saddle is used to tap into a HDPE pipeline.

SizeD (mm)D2 (mm)H1 (mm)H2 (mm)L1 (mm)W (mm)KG+-
50mm x 25mm w Cap5025113126931300.152
63mm x 20mm w Cap6320158126931300.301
63mm x 25mm w Cap6325158126931300.301
63mm x 32mm w Cap6332158126931300.301
75mm x 20mm w Cap7520164126931300.307
75mm x 25mm w Cap7525164126931300.307
75mm x 32mm w Cap7532164126931300.307
90mm x 20mm w Cap9020171126931300.365
90mm x 25mm w Cap9025171126931300.365
90mm x 32mm w Cap9032171126931300.365
110mm x 20mm w Cap11020181126931300.367
110mm x 25mm w Cap11025181126931300.367
110mm x 32mm w Cap11032181126931300.367
110mm x 63mm w Cap11063181126931300.367
125mm x 20mm w Cap12520189126931300.373
125mm x 25mm w Cap12525189126931300.373
125mm x 32mm w Cap12532189126931300.373
160mm x 20mm w Cap16020206126931300.390
160mm x 25mm w Cap16025206126931300.390
160mm x 32mm w Cap16032206126931300.390
160mm x 63mm w Cap16063206126931300.390
180mm x 20mm w Cap18020216126931300.407
180mm x 25mm w Cap18025216126931300.407
180mm x 32mm w Cap18032216126931300.407
200mm x 20mm w Cap20020226126931300.418
200mm x 25mm w Cap20025226126931300.418
200mm x 32mm w Cap20032226126931300.418
225mm x 20mm w Cap22520239126931300.418
225mm x 25mm w Cap22525239126931300.418
225mm x 32mm w Cap22532239126931300.418
250mm x 20mm w Cap25020251126931300.426
250mm x 25mm w Cap25025251126931300.426
250mm x 32mm w Cap25032251126931300.426
STANDARDSEN 12201-3 , MS 1058-3

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