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PPR Reducing Tee

Polyfuse PPR Reducing Tee

Sized (mm)d1 (mm)D (mm)D1 (mm)L (mm)L1 (mm)KG+-
25mm x 20mm2520342964320.028
32mm x 20mm3220432962330.040
32mm x 25mm3225433467350.049
40mm x 20mm4020512966370.059
40mm x 25mm4025513471390.064
40mm x 32mm4032514378410.072
50mm x 20mm5020632972420.105
50mm x 25mm5025633477440.107
50mm x 32mm5032634384460.109
63mm x 20mm6320812981480.151
63mm x 25mm6325813485500.184
63mm x 32mm6332814392520.205
63mm x 40mm63408151100540.210
63mm x 50mm63508167110570.241
75mm x 20mm75201002988580.240
75mm x 25mm75251003493580.302
75mm x 32mm75321004399590.368
75mm x 40mm754010051107610.401
75mm x 50mm755010067117640.449
75mm x 63mm756310081131670.506
90mm x 25mm902512034102690.402
90mm x 32mm903212043109690.500
90mm x 40mm904012051124710.500
90mm x 50mm905012067124710.500
90mm x 63mm906312081136750.650
90mm x 75mm9075120100148780.680
110mm x 25mm1102514834114790.700
110mm x 32mm1103214843121790.715
110mm x 40mm1104014851126810.736
110mm x 50mm1105014863136810.755
110mm x 63mm1106314881149871.005
110mm x 75mm11075148100161881.158
110mm x 90mm11090148120176921.280
MATERIALPPR (Polypropylene random) – R200P

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