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Butt Fusion Stub End (Short Collar)

Polyfuse PE100 Stub End (Short Collar)

Stub End is a flange seat with a short tube used for connecting pipes to each other. Stub End Short suitable for Butt Fusion used only.

SizeD3 (mm)D4 (mm)H (mm)H1 (mm)H3 (mm)KG+-
50mm SDR1161885512140.150
50mm SDR13.661885512140.120
50mm SDR1761885512140.100
63mm SDR11751026014160.180
63mm SDR13.6751026014160.140
63mm SDR17751026014160.130
75mm SDR11891226016190.250
75mm SDR13.6891226016190.250
75mm SDR17891226016190.240
90mm SDR111051388017400.370
90mm SDR13.61051388017400.350
90mm SDR171051388017400.330
110mm SDR111251588018400.550
110mm SDR13.61251588018400.480
110mm SDR171251588018400.430
125mm SDR111321588425350.560
125mm SDR13.61321588425350.540
125mm SDR171321588425350.480
160mm SDR111752128425400.980
160mm SDR13.61752128425400.870
160mm SDR171752128425400.850
180mm SDR111802128430501.000
180mm SDR13.61802128430501.000
180mm SDR171802128430500.880
200mm SDR1123226810332401.988
200mm SDR13.623226810332401.930
200mm SDR1723226810332401.760
225mm SDR1123526810732442.040
225mm SDR13.623526810732442.000
225mm SDR1723526810732441.840
250mm SDR1128532010735362.840
250mm SDR13.628532010735363.050
250mm SDR1728532010735362.570
280mm SDR1129132010535353.760
280mm SDR13.629132010535353.500
280mm SDR1729132010535353.320
315mm SDR1133537010935384.980
315mm SDR13.633537010935383.920
315mm SDR1733537010935383.670
355mm SDR1137343012540405.620
355mm SDR13.637343012540404.850
355mm SDR1737343012540404.620
400mm SDR1142748212046298.020
400mm SDR13.642748212046297.200
400mm SDR1742748212046296.980
450mm SDR11514585120553011.900
450mm SDR13.651458512055308.360
450mm SDR1751458512055308.280
500mm SDR11530585125603013.400
500mm SDR13.6530585125603011.250
500mm SDR1753058512560309.800
560mm SDR11615685125603015.000
560mm SDR17615685125603012.000
630mm SDR11642685140603027.000
630mm SDR17642685140603025.000
STANDARDSEN 12201-3 , ISO 4427-3 , MS 1058-3
SUITABLE_PIPESPE piping SDR 11 , SDR13.6 , SDR 17

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