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Butt Fusion Stub End (Long Collar)

Polyfuse PE100 Stub End (Long Collar)

Stub End is a flange seat with a short tube used for connecting pipes to each other. Stub End Long suitable for Electrofusion and Butt Fusion used.

SizeD3 (mm)D4 (mm)H (mm)H1 (mm)H3 (mm)KG+-
20mm SDR112745857680.030
25mm SDR113358859610.040
32mm SDR1140688510600.059
32mm SDR13.640688510600.059
50mm SDR1161888212620.180
50mm SDR13.661888212620.170
50mm SDR1761888212620.150
63mm SDR11751029514630.270
63mm SDR13.6751029514630.200
63mm SDR17751029514630.210
75mm SDR118912210516730.380
75mm SDR13.68912210516730.350
75mm SDR178912210516730.320
90mm SDR1110513813517970.560
90mm SDR13.610513813517970.550
90mm SDR1710513813517970.500
110mm SDR1112515814518970.650
110mm SDR13.612515814518970.600
110mm SDR1712515814518970.560
125mm SDR1113215813925871.100
125mm SDR13.613215813925870.900
125mm SDR1713215813925870.800
160mm SDR11175212165251131.500
160mm SDR13.6175212165251131.300
160mm SDR17175212165251131.130
180mm SDR11180212162301301.960
180mm SDR13.6180212162301301.650
180mm SDR17180212162301301.500
200mm SDR11232268221321262.750
200mm SDR13.6232268221321262.350
200mm SDR17232268221321262.580
225mm SDR11235268258321353.100
225mm SDR13.6235268258321352.900
225mm SDR17235268258321352.810
250mm SDR11285320220351405.820
250mm SDR13.6285320220351404.670
250mm SDR17285320220351403.980
280mm SDR11291320220351407.000
280mm SDR13.6291320220351406.300
280mm SDR17291320220351405.800
315mm SDR11335370270351748.000
315mm SDR13.6335370270351747.900
315mm SDR17335370270351747.900
355mm SDR113734302704016412.000
355mm SDR13.63734302704016411.700
355mm SDR173734302704016411.500
400mm SDR114274822704617913.000
400mm SDR13.64274822704617913.000
400mm SDR174274822704617913.000
450mm SDR115145852806019515.000
450mm SDR175145852806019515.000
500mm SDR115305853106021224.800
500mm SDR13.65305853106021221.100
500mm SDR175305853106021222.000
560mm SDR116156853006023527.000
560mm SDR176156853006023524.000
630mm SDR116426853006025533.000
630mm SDR176426853006025531.200
STANDARDSEN 12201-3 , ISO 4427-3 , MS 1058-3
SUITABLE_PIPESPE piping SDR 11 , SDR13.6 , SDR 17

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