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Butt Fusion Spigot Tee

Polyfuse PE100 Spigot Tee

Spigot tee connecting the main pipe, leading to one branch, distributes the flow in the main pipe and the branch pipe of the same diameter.

SizeD (mm)H (mm)L (mm)L1 (mm)KG+-
50mm SDR115090183560.180
50mm SDR175090183560.180
63mm SDR1163125250710.480
63mm SDR13.663125250710.480
63mm SDR1763125250710.480
75mm SDR1175125253710.530
75mm SDR1775125253710.530
90mm SDR1190148296811.050
90mm SDR13.690148296811.050
90mm SDR1790148296811.050
110mm SDR11110172337941.650
110mm SDR13.6110172337941.650
110mm SDR17110172337941.650
125mm SDR111251903801052.500
125mm SDR13.61251903801052.100
125mm SDR171251903801052.500
160mm SDR111602224441154.800
160mm SDR13.61602224441153.400
160mm SDR171602224441154.800
180mm SDR111802284471135.000
180mm SDR13.61802284471135.000
180mm SDR171802284471135.000
200mm SDR112002304601126.210
200mm SDR172002304601126.210
225mm SDR112252505001208.420
225mm SDR172252505001208.420
250mm SDR1125027555013010.900
250mm SDR1725027555013010.900
280mm SDR1128029759413711.320
280mm SDR1728029759413711.320
315mm SDR1131530563014014.760
315mm SDR1731530563014015.960
STANDARDSEN 12201-3 , ISO 4427-3 , MS 1058-3
SUITABLE_PIPESPE piping SDR 11 , SDR13.6 , SDR 17

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