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Butt Fusion Spigot Reducing Tee

Polyfuse PE100 Spigot Reducing Tee

Reducing tee is used to tee off a HDPE pipe, to add in a smaller size outlet to a PE pipe.

SizeD (mm)D1 (mm)H (mm)H1 (mm)S1 (mm)L (mm)L1 (mm)KG+-
110mm x 63mm SDR1111063130655.8280852.100
110mm x 75 mm SDR1111075152826.8280852.100
110mm x 90 mm SDR1111090152828.2280852.100
110mm x 63mm SDR13.611063130654.7280851.200
110mm x 75 mm SDR13.611075152825.5280851.200
110mm x 90 mm SDR13.611090152826.6280851.200
110mm x 63mm SDR1711063130653.8280850.970
110mm x 75 mm SDR1711075152824.5280850.970
110mm x 90 mm SDR1711090152825.4280850.970
160mm x 63 mm SDR1116063178825.83301072.200
160mm x 90 mm SDR1116090178828.23301072.200
160mm x 110mm SDR1116011017888103301072.300
160mm x 63 mm SDR13.616063178824.73301072.130
160mm x 90mm SDR13.616090178826.63301072.130
160mm x 110mm SDR13.6160110178887.13301072.300
160mm x 63 mm SDR1716063178823.83301072.020
160mm x 90mm SDR1716090178825.43301072.080
160mm x 110mm SDR17160110178886.63301072.130
180mm x 63mm SDR1118063168658.23001034.000
180mm x 90mm SDR1118090184828.23301034.000
180mm x 110mm SDR1118011021388103701034.000
180mm x 125mm SDR1118012519210511.43651034.000
180mm x 160mm SDR1118016021710714.64021034.000
180mm x 63mm SDR1718063168655.43001033.570
180mm x 90mm SDR1718090184825.43301033.570
180mm x 110mm SDR17180110213886.63701033.570
180mm x 125mm SDR171801251921057.43651033.570
180mm x 160mm SDR171801602171079.54021034.000
STANDARDSEN 12201-3 , ISO 4427-3 , MS 1058-3
SUITABLE_PIPESPE piping SDR 11 , SDR13.6 , SDR 17

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