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Butt Fusion Spigot Elbow 90°

Polyfuse PE100 Spigot Elbow 90°

A 90° elbow is used to join two lengths of poly pipe on an angle of 90° .

SizeD (mm)L (mm)L1 (mm)KG+-
32mm SDR113273450.040
50mm SDR115090560.120
50mm SDR175090560.070
63mm SDR1163125710.370
63mm SDR13.663125710.330
63mm SDR1763125710.280
75mm SDR1175125710.330
75mm SDR1775125710.280
90mm SDR1190148810.770
90mm SDR13.690148810.760
90mm SDR1790148810.600
110mm SDR11110172941.400
110mm SDR13.6110172941.250
110mm SDR17110172941.110
125mm SDR111251901051.720
125mm SDR13.61251901051.700
125mm SDR171251901051.500
160mm SDR111602221073.570
160mm SDR13.61602221073.200
160mm SDR171602221072.800
180mm SDR111802281034.700
180mm SDR13.61802281034.200
180mm SDR171802281034.000
200mm SDR112002301125.010
200mm SDR172002301123.700
225mm SDR112252501205.580
225mm SDR172252501205.580
250mm SDR112502751308.330
250mm SDR172502751305.850
280mm SDR1128030815010.500
280mm SDR1728030815010.500
315mm SDR1131533016016.300
315mm SDR1731533016016.300
STANDARDSEN 12201-3 , ISO 4427-3 , MS 1058-3
SUITABLE_PIPESPE piping SDR 11 , SDR13.6 , SDR 17

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