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Butt Fusion Reducer

Polyfuse PE100 Reducer

Reducer is used to join two lengths of poly pipe that are of different diameters. 

SizeD (mm)D1 (mm)S (mm)S1 (mm)L (mm)L1 (mm)L2 (mm)KG+-
50mm x 25mm SDR1150254.62.314060460.070
50mm x 32mm SDR1150324.6314060490.080
50mm x 40mm SDR1150404.63.714060540.080
50mm x 32mm SDR13.650323.72.414060490.070
50mm x 40mm SDR13.650403.7314060540.080
50mm x 40mm SDR17504032.414060540.080
63mm x 32mm SDR1163325.8316068490.100
63mm x 40mm SDR1163405.83.716068540.130
63mm x 50mm SDR1163505.84.616068600.140
63mm x 32mm SDR13.663324.72.416068490.100
63mm x 40mm SDR13.663404.7316068540.130
63mm x 50mm SDR13.663504.73.716068600.140
63mm x 40mm SDR1763403.82.416068540.120
63mm x 50mm SDR1763503.8316068600.130
75mm x 50mm SDR1175506.84.617075550.240
75mm x 50mm SDR13.675505.63.717075550.230
75mm x 50mm SDR1775504.5317075550.230
90mm x 50mm SDR1190508.24.618380570.320
90mm x 63mm SDR1190638.25.818380610.324
90mm x 75mm SDR1190758.26.818380700.350
90mm x 50mm SDR13.690506.73.718380570.290
90mm x 63mm SDR13.690636.74.618380610.350
90mm x 75mm SDR13.690756.75.618380700.330
90mm x 50mm SDR1790505.4318380570.290
90mm x 63mm SDR1790635.43.818380610.350
90mm x 75mm SDR1790755.44.518380700.330
110mm x 63mm SDR1111063105.820582630.440
110mm x 75mm SDR1111075106.820582700.350
110mm x 90mm SDR1111090108.220582790.340
110mm x 63mm SDR13.6110638.14.620582630.440
110mm x 75mm SDR13.6110758.15.620582700.350
110mm x 90mm SDR13.6110908.16.720582790.320
110mm x 63mm SDR17110636.63.820582630.430
110mm x 75mm SDR17110756.64.520582700.355
110mm x 90mm SDR17110906.65.420582790.440
125mm x 63mm SDR111256311.45.821592600.590
125mm x 90mm SDR111259011.48.221592850.400
125mm x110mm SDR1112511011.41021592860.500
125mm x 63mm SDR13.6125639.24.721592600.590
125mm x 90mm SDR13.6125909.26.721592850.360
125mm x110mm SDR13.61251109.28.121592860.450
125mm x 63mm SDR17125637.43.821592600.590
125mm x 90mm SDR17125907.45.421592850.320
125mm x110mm SDR171251107.46.621592860.410
160mm x 90mm SDR111609014.68.212443300.700
160mm x110mm SDR1116011014.61012443300.800
160mm x125mm SDR1116012514.611.412443330.800
160mm x 90mm SDR13.61609011.86.712443300.700
160mm x110mm SDR13.616011011.88.112443300.750
160mm x125mm SDR13.616012511.89.212443330.770
160mm x 90mm SDR17160909.55.412443300.510
160mm x110mm SDR171601109.56.612443300.750
160mm x125mm SDR171601259.57.412443330.760
180mm x 90mm SDR111809016.48.213546330.900
180mm x110mm SDR1118011016.41013546330.900
180mm x125mm SDR1118012516.411.413546330.970
180mm x160mm SDR1118016016.414.613546330.840
180mm x 90mm SDR13.61809013.36.713546330.810
180mm x110mm SDR13.618011013.38.113546330.900
180mm x125mm SDR13.618012513.39.213546330.950
180mm x160mm SDR13.618016013.311.813546330.840
180mm x90mm SDR171809010.75.413546330.840
180mm x110mm SDR1718011010.76.613546330.890
180mm x125mm SDR1718012510.77.413546330.840
180mm x160mm SDR1718016010.79.513546330.840
STANDARDSEN 12201-3 , ISO 4427-3 , MS 1058-3
SUITABLE_PIPESPE piping SDR 11 , SDR13.6 , SDR 17

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