Alternative energy sources are getting popular globally due to increasing climate change concerns. One of the options is biogas. Biogas is a high-energy gas derived from the anaerobic breakdown or thermochemical conversion of biomass. It comprises mainly methane, the same natural gas, and carbon dioxide compound as fuel or treated to remove CO2 and other gases similar to natural gas to meet the needs of the current demand for a safe and ecological energy supply.

Biogas makes the proper application of organic waste materials a viable and adaptable provider of electricity, traffic fuel, and organic plant food. Thus, the construction of biogas plants for sustainable energy is increasingly becoming significant.

POLYWARE offers a turnkey solution from initial study to installing various treatment plants from the plant, animal waste, or landfills. Our durable biogas systems, which resist bacterial growth, are suitable for biogas produced from farms and landfills.

We are currently supplying our systems to 9 countries in Southeast Asia. We can help you beat waste gas, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and elevate the creation of beneficial renewable energy.

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