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World Water Day

1. World Water Day

World Water Day is celebrated every year on 22nd of March by the people all across the world. The day was established to be celebrated as an annual event in the year 1993 by the decision of the United Nations General Assembly.
The United Nation including member nations celebrate this campaign by implementing the UN recommendations as well as promoting the global water conservation through the real activities.

World Water Day is organized on 22th of March every year. It’s an annual event of Polyware.

2. Aquaponic

Aquaponic is a food production system which harvests aquaculture (fish or the water-based animals), and plants that live together in the water, in a controlled habitat for maximum yield.  They are however, may not be mutually beneficial to both.

Some of the Asian countries who produced semiaquatic rice, are the examples for the early aquaponic systems.

Aquaponic is significant because it is environment friendly and sustainably health-giving. It uses a fraction of water or even less if you were to harvest rain water into the system.

Today, commercial aquaponic is regarded as one of the best business opportunities as the slump in demand for crop and protein increases due to high suburban population growth.


 Why wastewater?

Globally, the vast majority of all the wastewater from our homes, cities, industry and agriculture flows back to nature without being treated or reused – polluting the environment, and losing valuable nutrients and other recoverable materials.




The power of water and jobs - transforming people’s lives.
Half of all workers on Earth are employed in water-related sectors. Millions of them are unrecognized and unprotected.
Better water, better jobs: World Water Day 2016.


The motive of fabricating mock-up portable aquaponic systems on this special day is to promote consciousness among employees and their immediate family members the importance of water quality, and understanding of the flow-through system where the quantative balance is maintained between the plant and aquatic animals. 

Major benefits for aquaponic:
- No added fertilizers
- Soil free gardening
- Great filter for existing fish ponds
- Save water