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 Like minded QIUP and Polyware link MOU for betterment of the community

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BAFE 2016

Sponsor for BAFE 2016,UTAR 

Polyware Sdn. Bhd is proud to be selected by UTAR to be one of the sponsors for the International Conference on Business, Accounting, Finance and Economics (BAFE2016), which is held on 5th October 2016.the conference bring together researchers to present up-to-date works that contribute to new the theoretical, methodological and empirical knowledge in aspects of business management, accounting, finance, and economics. The Polyware representative received an appreciation certificate awarded by faculty of business and finance,UTAR


Workshop / Training



Local Market Breakthrough Strategy (变革通路之催化策略 – 本土)

According to Peter Drucker, the aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or services fits him and sells itself. Nowadays, many companies tend to shift to human centricity in order to foster and sustain at current market situation. Now, what we should do to as an entrepreneurship in this industry?................(more photos)



The Integration of PSI Chain Management Performance (整合产销供应链管理绩效)

How manufacturers get a balance point between purchase, production, sales and inventory? How do make a different with the traditional manufacturing business model? Theory of constraints helps us to overcome internal problems and gain more benefits.................(more photos)




From LEAN Production Skills to LEAN Production Innovation (丛精实生产技能到精实生产革新)

Toyota Production System (TPS) 4P model concept consisted of long term Philosophy, right Process, add value to People and solving root Problems. How do we change from traditional production concept to LEAN Production Skills and enhance to LEAN Production Innovation?................(more photos)



The Linkage of LEAN Production Innovation & Effective Floor Management (精实生产革新与现场有效管理)

According to LPI, “floor” is not a factory but mentioning to quality practices towards manufacturing process flow which interact with the customers. How to improve the value stream for the whole manufacturing process flow? How to improve the throughput performance towards productivity?................(more photos)



12 Keys To A+ Effective Supervisory(A+ 高效主管养成12撇步系列)

An opportunity platform to our leaders and future leaders to nurture effective supervisory skill. How to be more efficiency towards own departmental performance? How to management own self as a leader? How to support subordinate by adding value to themselves? .................(more photo)



Product Knowledge Training

Every Polywarian shall know Polyware products.

Our experienced Manufacturing personnel will conduct the training to all newly joined employees. They were being taught on differentiate types of plastic pipe fittings, installation method, defining good and defected products, etc. .................(more photo)



AsiaWater Exhibition 2016 Sharing (2016亚洲水展成果分享会)

Polyware rejoined the AsiaWater Exhibition in 2016 after 4 years later and this might be the greatest breakthrough for Polyware as Polyware sending our Financial Controller as Duty Manager with our Product Engineer and MIS Officer to the KLCC exhibition hall. They shared their experiences and unexpected happening during that 3 days. .................(more photo)




Production Management Training

Polyware possess a laboratory with testing equipment and practicing PAP concept towards quality assurance. Mr Chong, CEO of Polyware was conducted a session of Production Management to our quality assurance personnel in order to add value and sharpen their perspective between production and quality assurance. .................(more photo)



Self Fulfillment & Organizational Practice (自我超越与组织修炼)

Polyware milestone: To create a platform to all Polywarian to develop and show their ability and talent (打造员工圆梦的平台). This 2-days workshop will help employees to seek their living core value by knowing themselves and push themselves beyong their actual level of development (认识自己,超越自己). .................(more photo)