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1) 518 Annual Event -  (20-5-2017)

2) 518 Annual Event - Appreciation Night (21-5-2016)

3) 518 Annual Event - Lim Hock Chiang Green Water Foundation (16-5-2015)

Lim Hock Chiang Green Water Foundation was launched on 16th May 2015.


4) New Corporate Identity  (CI) Launching Event (18-5-2014)

Polyware's new corporate logo was launched on the 18th May, 2014. A rebranding of our identity that truly reveals our expertise and assurance to meeting our goal and challenges.


5) Launching of PLW 3.0 (18-5-2013)
Inauguration of PLWs were to mark the major changes from each of our important phrases over time, since 1996. 
In 2003, we moved our premises to where we are today; and that was how PLW1.0 being initiated. 
In 2006, we had changed to a new management system with PLW 2.0
There was a stakeholders restructuring exercise in 2013 and thus, PLW3.0 was launched.

It was another brand new Polyware being “Reborn” on 2013.
Core value that brought out from PLW 3.0
Appreciate –To each other, be polite and with manner
Believe – To objective achievement, be positive
Committed – To customer expectation, be passion and helpful