Corporate Profile

Who's Polyware

Polyware was incorporated in Malaysia since December 1996. The company was started with a group of entrepreneurs, engineers, mould makers and production personnel came together and shared their respective expertise and experiences. Polyware manufactures all types of Polyethylene pipe fittings in Malaysia which used in water utilities, bio-gas, mining and high-end irrigation system. We are available comprehensive range of PE Pipe fittings and services (more than 1,000 items) Mechanical Type, Electro Fusion, Butt Fusion and Socket Fusion.



Polyware has been certified by ISO 9001:2000 & upgraded to ISO 9001:2015 since 2018. Polyware continues and actively involved in all kinds of development and manufacturing role as a leading thermoplastic pipe fittings manufacturer working toward PE pipeline solution provider in Malaysia.


As today, Polyware not only involve in local market but successfully spread its wings by establishing a strong customer base in international acceptance with a good business relationship in more than 30 countries worldwide. Besides that, we are appointed by reputed company HÜRNER (Germany Plastic Welding Technology Company) as the Technical Support Centre in South East Asia since 2016.


We are committed towards NRW (Non-Revenue Water) awareness and Corporate Social Responsibility Programs which align to Our Vision: Green Water, Green Education, Green Life. Since 2014, Polyware has decided to support World Water Day as our company yearly activity to raise water saving awareness to society.






Ultimate Business Direction


We provide know-how, know why solutions & services.

Strengthen worldwide presence through solution

Growth by Innovations through design to application

Provide individual support and application-oriented services

Business integrating model

Sharing & educations on green water know-how





Our Vision : 我们的愿景

A Benchmark of water quality for healthy life by sustaining nature Eco system.




Our Mission :我们的使命

We are committed to become the leader of green water solutions by maximizing all resources and integrating supply chain processes in the industry.



Business Policy 经营方针

Together we energize and preserve life through water supply solutions.

Towards greener earth with efficient management of clean water.

我们一起透过水供方案来保护生态, 并以最有效的绿色管理方式来绿化地球.


Customer Services Policy : 客服方针

We Care,We Share,We Grow

Toward Happy & Healthly PARTNERCHISE ®



Core Value : Waterful 我们的核心价值 - [上善若水]



We listen to the voice of internal & external customers. High regard, mutual respect and sincere appreciation are essential for successful cooperation.


Believing in objective achievement drive us to excel with continuous improvement spirit.


The success of our company builds on employees with positive thinking who bring their know-how and commitment into their daily work with full responsibilities.



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